The only time he opens his silent mouth is when he pulls his blades out



Ending his long wandering life, and something in the verge of being promoted to something, the guardian knight, Ash’s land becomes desolate due to a war caused by Ellan Rhineford, and upon seeing countless citiz

ens slain, he gives up his position as a knight to pursue vengeance upon him.


Ellan RhinefordEdit

Ash -> Ellan (Hated Enemies) thumb|256px|link=File:Ash_Land_of_chaos.jpgthumb|278px|link=File:AshLOCO.jpg

After seeing the bloodshed caused by Ellan, Ash vows to get revenge on Ellan


Ash in Trailer

Irene ClaudelEdit

Irene Claudel -> Ash (Close Friends)

During Ash’s pursuit of Ellan, he runs into the missing paladin, Irene. She learns through him that Leopold was searching for her.


Leopold-> Ash (Respected Knight)

Ellan’s war against Ash’s territory had Leopold thrash across the war with his infinite bravery and leadership skills while also helping Ash. Ash was in awe of Leopold’s presence and vowed that if Leopold asked for help, he would risk his life to help Leopold.