Background and RelationshipsEdit

20 years ago, Atin was found in his infancy by a Black Dragon patrol. He was brought to their camp to be raised, despite protests from the Black Dragon leader, Arcane. When Atin turned 19, Arcane entered a 3 year long state of hybernation. Taking advantage of this, the Black Dragon's rival clan, the Red Dragons, attacked their camp and slaughtered Atin's clanmates, Arcane included. It is unknown exactly how Atin survived this attack, but he alone made it out alive.

There is no reliable record of Atin's life from then until the present, however, it is known that some time after the attack on the Black Dragons, the entire Red Dragon clan was destroyed. Some believe it was Atin, hunting them down to extract his revenge...

Base StatsEdit

MAX HP: 8 INT: 2
CON: 6 STR:9
DEX: 5 WIS:2


Atin is a melee DPS character with ranged skills making him dangerous even at a distance. He has powerful AoE skills if he's been surrounded, and while he's no tank he has more natural survivability than any other DPS focused hero.

Atin is at a comfortable balance with a bit of everything, making him a good newbie-friendly character while still being lethal in the hands of an experienced player.

Character Traits:

  • Can wield 2x one handed swords or a 2 handed sword.
  • His "Emerald Sword" Ultimate skill requires him to be wielding a 2 handed sword


HellsdivisionHell's DivisionEdit

Atin slams the ground with both his blades, causing the earth between his target and himself to erupt with energy, dealing 110/140/170/200 damage to any enemies inbetween.

SwordarrowSword ArrowEdit

Atin swings his blades, projecting a flash of light that deals 100/200/300/400/500 damage to a single target.

BloodyrevengeBloody RevengeEdit

Bloody Revenge buffs Atin with 5/10/15/20 extra physical attack and 9/16/23/30% partial physical damage relflect for 15/20/25/30 seconds.

VacuumcrushVacuum CrushEdit

Atin charges up for a moment, pulling enemies closer to him, then releases his energy in a powerful circular swing around him, dealing damage and pushing them back away. Vacuum Crush's range is 10m.

AnklebusterAnkle BusterEdit

Atin spins with his blades lowered at his sides, slicing at the enemy's hamstrings to hinder their movement speed by 50/65/80/95% for 10 seconds.

DragonvisionDragon VisionEdit

Dragon Vision grants the ferocity of the Black Dragons to Atin and allies within a 30m radius giving them increased Critical Rate by 3/5/7/9/11% and increased Critical Bonus by 4/8/12/16/20% for 60 seconds.

WallofswordsWall of SwordsEdit

Atin summons the spirit of a powerful sword, causing it to spin in front of him and protect him from ranged attacks such as arrows and mage attacks for 10/15/20/25 seconds.

doesn't offer protection against bullets.

HellandheavenHell And HeavenEdit

Taking a moment to shout and gather his power, Atin charges at a target a small distance from him, dealing 100/200/300 damage and stunning it for 1.1/2.2/3.3 seconds.

Ultimate SkillsEdit

EmeraldswordEmerald SwordEdit

Atin summons the Emerald Sword, a massive ghost blade that grants him 55/80% extra attack for 25/30 seconds.