Waitingtime is over, finally. Within a short maintenance tomorrow morning we will add a new map for the annihilation mode called “Ruined Area”. This very small map guarantees instant fights and challenging battles.

As you know, each map in LOCO provides a tactical feature. In the Ruined Arena there are two important teleport gates that allow you to change your position instantly and surprise your enemy when he expects this at least. Simply jump through the gate and find yourself on the other side of the arena. But bear in mind that your opponent can do so as well.


Pieces of an old Legend:

Once, this place was the great Arena of the rising city “Italemo“ were heroes from all around the world met every year to fight each other for glory and honor. These tournaments were hosted by the great Heavens’ leader “Astra”.

But she turned off her eyes when the demonic beasts from hell came during the last great war to destroy the city. The great empire collapsed. Now, this mighty and pompous structure became weathered and mouldered over the time. But sometime some heroes find their way back to these old ruins.