Dreaming of his lost empire, Ellan spent his adolescence dotted across wars for huge ambition of rebuilding the next continental empire lost in war against Leopold. Ellan lost territory by an unidentified military power and he begins to pursue the unknown army who snatched everything from him.


-Translated from KR text and may not be 100% accurate-

-Page last Updated 10/31/2010: "Rush of the Monarch" effect fixed-

MAXHP 775 INT 15
CON 6 STR 26


IncisionMuscle Incision:

Ellan strikes vital muscles in the enemy and deals 50/100/150/200 damage, while cutting their physical attack power by 10%/20%/30%/40% for 4.5/5.0/5.5/6.0 seconds. (Cannot be dispelled)

SeverShadow Sever:

An afterimage of Ellan rushes to the front of an enemy and deals 100/200/300 damage to the enemy, while stunning the enemy for 0.7/1.4/2.1 seconds.

RefreshmentSpiritual Refreshment:

Ellan's complete change into a calm mental attitude increases his maximum vitality (HP) by 20%/30%/40%/50%/60% for 15 seconds. (Cannot be dispelled)

CommandLord's Command:

Ellan's leadership is so strong, that all allies within a 10M radius increase their attack power by 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%. When activated, the Lord's Command also decreases Ellan's MP by 4/6/8/10/12 every second, but can be reused and canceled every 5 seconds, and the effect cancels when Ellan dies. (Cannot be dispelled)

ArmorcrashArmor Crash:

Ellan deals 140/200/260/320 damage to the enemy, and for 10 seconds, the physical defense of the enemy is weakened by 15%/30%/45%/60%.

FlashEdge Of Flash:

Ellan holds his spear and whiplashes multiple enemies in a whirlwind of blades and does 15/30/45 wound damage every second for 7/8/9 seconds to everyone around him. (Can be used on enemies with Skill Immunity )

WeakBreak The Weak:

Ellan sharpens all his senses for 30 seconds increasing his critical chance by 3%/6%/9%/12% and critical bonus by 6/12/18/24.

PainStrike of Pain:

Ellan jumps and swipes his spear while falling to deal 80/160/240 damage to enemies in front of him, while for 5 seconds a large wound damages those who were hit by 20/35/50 per second.


VortexVortex Of Gale:

Ellan sweeps his spear to summon vortexes of strong wind which move towards his enemies dealing 60(level 1)/100(level 2) per second for 20 seconds.

MonarchRush Of The Monarch:

Ellan's run speed is increased by 10%(level 1)/20%(level 2) and reduces ranged damage received by 20%(level 1)/40%(level 2). While active, Ellan's MP decreases by 10(level 1)/20 (level 2) every second and the skill can be re-used and canceled every 5 seconds. The skill effects will also stop when Ellan dies (Cannot be Dispelled)

Release date is set for 9/2/2010 in KR LOCO