Grand magician in search of his granddaughter (Minity Grey)



Once considered the greatest magician across the land, Euclid’s been isolated researching old magic and the earth’s old folklore. However, when his one and only granddaughter ran away from home, and the world fell into a war that arose soon after, he ended his long isolation and delved into the world in search of his granddaughter.


Minity GreyEdit

Minity Grey -> Euclid (Grand Daughter)

The one and only grand daughter of grand magician Euclid, Minity Grey slipped through her grandfather’s extremely protective nature and ran away. However, her situation changes as the sky and ground explode with war.

Laair HathyEdit

Laair Hathy -> Euclid (Student)

Laair was a studet alongside Minity, she helped convince Minity to run away with her. Euclid is searching for both girls.


Nosferatu -> Euclid (Respects)

Euclid’s extensive research of vampire tribes has led to Nosferatu, the strongest oldest vampire tribesman across the lands. The two exchanged endless wisdom and was awed by the other's knowledge, but they knew they were two people of the world who could not mix.