The council of the Black Spider family elected a fifteen year old girl to be the 72nd Hibachi. Three years after that her family got assassinated by Gengou as well as many others of her clan. The elders were angry about this humiliation and expelled the 72nd Hibachi from the clan. The Hibachi clan fell into chaos which brought Hibachi to the decision that she had to hunt down Gengou and restore her honour as well as that of the Hibachi clan by killing him.



Hibachi -> Gengou (Enemies)

3 years ago, Gengou trespassed into the Hibachi tribe’s borders and left many lifeless. To avoid Hibachi tribe’s endless pursuit of him, he ran all the way into the western continent.


Foxlady -> Hibachi (Helped)

Hibachi coincidentally ran into Foxlady who used similar martial arts form as Gengou, so Hibachi asked her for clues as to who he may really be. Together they run in pursuit of Gengou.