A wandering lord who’s thrown everything away



After fending off Ellan’s harsh assault, Leopold comes across the news that there’s a great harm everywhere across the land. After witnessing a great war brought upon heaven and hell, Leopold searches for a way to stop the war using ways beyond human strength.


Ellan RhinefordEdit

Leopold -> Ellan Rhineford (Pities)

In his war, Ellan was a young and skillful man, but his bloodthirsty nature was put down by Leopold, who hated how he was.


Leopold -> Ash (Helped)

The knight Ash who fought together with Leopold on Ellan’s war was a skillful swordsman and a kind hearted man. But the war has left a hatred for Ellan within Ash’s heart, but Leopold could not put out his adamant vengeful spirit.

Irene ClaudelEdit

Leopold -> Irene Claudel (Friend's Daughter)

Irene was the woman knight that was pursuing Leopold. Although he knew she was searching for him, he had no intention of going back to his homeland, so he шлолллрплпл


Leopold -> Atin (Friendly)

When Leopold was still a lord, he remembered that Atin had served as a soldier in the war. He saw with regretful eyes Atin’s truly calm persona being distorted by rage and vengeance.