Every hero has got a destiny; Minity's is the early game rushing of Buildings and nuking down enemies in early and mid game.

There are several ways to play a useful Minity, I'm going to explain one of my favorite ones, the "Tower runner".

--== Summary ==--

I.    Explanation
 .1    general
II.    Conditions
III.   Skills
IV .   Playstyle
V.     Why I preffer this one

--== Explanation ==--

  • First of all, this way of playing Minity is a teambased one.

You need a lot of money for this one. (Gold not coins) ^^

The sense of this character is high speed leveling, and rushing behind the enemies lkines and destroying their towers, bases etc. and last but not least nukeing away all on her way! ^^ sounds great right :3

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