Full Music from LOCO

Ventil Of Nightmare [No Vocals] [(Novice Map)] (Trailer)

Ventil of Nightmare (no vox)

Lobby Violins (Beta Lobby Music)

Lobby Violins

Skycode (First Impact Lobby Music)


Knight Hood (Crimson Plains)

Knight Hood

Horse Guards (Lair of Anicent Dragon)

Horse Guards

Violet Fever (Forest of Chaos)

Violet Fever

Kill Clocks (Ruined Arena)

Kill Clocks

The Violin of Wrath (KR LOCO)

The Violin of the Wrath

Fire Wire (KR LOCO)

Fire Wire

Requiem (KR LOCO)


Sticky Wild (KR LOCO)

Sticky Wild

Kelly's War (Second Impact Update) [Survival Mode]

Kellys war

Fantasium (Second Impact Update)[Survival Mode]


La Mudra (Second Impact Update)[Survival Mode]

La Mudra

Severe (Second Impact Update)[Survival Mode]



Waiting Room


Boss Appears

Boss Appear

Key to Success (Victory Music)

Key to Success

Cause of Failure (Losing music)

Cause of Failure

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