Octavian is a defensive character build that most people will look at using as a tank. This is not always the case. You can use Octavian as a Balanced character by equipping dual swords, and then boosting his defenses such as the physical defense and the magical defense. (Physical more than magical depending on the other characters that you are playing against.) Octavian is a tanking character, but can also have strong attacks as well. Focus on getting Constitution and Strength items as they will assist you in having a character that not only can take a hit, but can deal them too. Octavian is a character that can overwhelm another player no matter who they use as long as you build Octavian correctly. Focus on getting items that get Constitution and Strength, but also look into getting defense assisting items as well. Best thing to do, is get all your armor socketed and use the defense + sockets to be able to get Octavian's best defense abilities mixed with the ingame bought items.

Get the following skills in this order: Holy Revival, God's Anger, Divine Crash, Untouchable(Ult), then either Divine Protection or Twilight Legion.

Best to always have God's Anger upgraded to max and Holy Revival to max first as well as Divine Crash, then Untouchable, then finally Twilight Legion.

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